Hip Partial Replacement in Indore

Hip joint plays a vital role by holding the stability of the hip and for some serious trauma or injury in the hip can break the stability completely. In this type of cases, a total hip replacement is done by the doctors. Though, in some cases, a total hip replacement surgery is not needed. If the hip is damaged partial or some of the parts in the hip are damaged then doctors can go for the hip partial replacement surgery, where doctors only swap half of the hip joint with the artificial components. The hip partial replacement surgery includes replacing the present ball in the femur that has been corrupted by arthritis. Also, doctors may replace only the part which has been damaged by a sudden trauma like an accident or fall. There are also great chances of getting serious fracture on some part of the hip. In that type of cases, a partial hip replacement surgery may be needed to restore the functionality of the hip. Although there are some symptoms or indications about when you need a partial hip replacement surgery. A fractured or damaged neck femur, here the fracture happens just underneath the femur or the thigh bone. It greatly interrupts the blood flow to the damaged part, causing a very slow healing. Osteoarthritis is one of the primary reason for this kind of surgery



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