Hip Revision Surgery in Indore

Total hip replacement is considered to be one of the most successful surgeries of all time. In almost every case, people tend to live a hassle-free life without debilitating pain. However, with the passage of time, it is possible that the hip replacement might fail due to some reasons.

This is when the orthopaedic doctor will consider the option of a hip revision surgery, in which some, or all, parts of the prosthesis are removed. A new prosthesis is inserted to replace the old one. Although the goal of both primary and revision surgeries are the same, to provide comfort and heal the wound, the latter is known to be more complicated. Extensive planning and some specialized tools are necessary to ensure the success of the revision operation.


Conditions, when a hip revision surgery is recommended, are:

A complete physical examination is recommended by a doctor prior to the surgery. Some imagining tests like x-rays, MRI, CT scan, etc. are done to understand the situation at hand. Some laboratory tests are also possible, for a complete analysis. It is imperative to plan ahead, and make some changes at home and hire help for easing the recovery process. The recovery period is longer than that of a total hip replacement surgery, the type of care you must take is similar.


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