Hip Trauma Replacement in Indore

Hip trauma is a very common term in the medical world. Hip without any doubt plays the key role for moving body. Sitting, Sleeping, walking, running, jumping and even in sports hip plays the main role. Though sometimes hip also is very vulnerable too outside damages. Like accidents, sports injury, falling etc. can cause serious hip trauma.  On the other side, getting a fractured hip can completely stop us from doing our daily activity like even walking. Just like other trauma treatments, hip trauma treatments are based on what kind of injury it has faced. Let’s not forget that hip is prone to some really serious injuries and the suffering from it can stay lifelong.

A broken hip can happen at any age but 65 aged or older people have greater chances of getting their hips broken. Women with osteoporosis can end up getting a broken or fractured hip. There are different types of hip traumas available and each of them needs different treatment. There is dislocation of a hip, where the ball dislocates or slips out from the respective socket at the top of the femur.  This incident can result in a massive and intense pain. In the pelvis there is cartilage that surrounds the edge of the bones, it can get damaged also, causing a labral tear. There is also bursitis and snapping hip syndrome, which comes with a snapping feeling in the hip.


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