Partial Knee Replacement in Indore

Without any doubt, we can say that knee is one of the most important parts of our life and of course it plays the primary role in doing daily activities. Knee also holds the title for the largest joint of a human body. Accordingly, Knee is also prone to serious and long-lasting damages, which can cause continuous pain while doing daily work, sleeping, walking and running. A partial knee replacement is a surgical process where a part of the damaged knee is replaced with high medical grade medical components. Partial knee surgery is somehow similar to total knee surgery except in partial knee replacement either the inside and outside part (medial and lateral part) or the kneecap get replaced with the medical components. Because the knee joint is big, it may happen that a part of the knee joint get damaged and the other parts stay safe. Eve arthritis can happen in some part of the knee. For this, a Knee partial replacement is needed, where the affected area is removed and a man-made prosthetic is implanted on that damaged area. Before the surgery, the surgeon can go for either general anaesthesia or a regional anaesthesia where below waist part of the body will stay completely numb and you will not feel any pain during the surgery.



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