Total Hip Replacement in Indore

The hip joint is one of the biggest joint in a human body. The hip is a joint which includes a ball and a socket. Both works in a synchronized way, which helps us to do our daily activities like sleeping, walking, running, standing, weight putting and various other works. Problems in the hip can cause a major problem in doing daily activities. If we look at the anatomy of the area in the hip, we can see acetabulum which is also known as the socket. Then the articular cartilage covers the ball and the socket with a bone surface. The upper portion of the all is known as the pelvis and the lower one is known as femur or thigh bone. Now like other parts of our body, the hip can also face different problems over time. A serious hip trauma or hip injury can result in a total hip replacement. In total hip arthroplasty, doctors remove the damaged bones and the cartilage and implant prosthetic medical components on that place. If the femoral head is damaged then the surgeon removes it and they put metal stem instead of that. Doctors use ceramic, metal or plastic spacer between the socket and new ball so the person can have a smooth surface gliding experience.



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